BCAM participates in the Deep Dives 4.0 days


The sessions are organised by the Basque Digital Innovation Hub together with the Spri Group


Basque Center for Applied Mathematics – BCAM is taking part in the Deep Dive 4.0 days organised by the Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH) together with the Spri Group. This event, an immersion in digital and sustainable production technologies for the Basque manufacturing industry, will take place between 10 and 25 November 2021. BCAM, as a member of the BDIH in the cybersecurity node, will participate in the session on the 25th, with Jose Antonio Lozano, Scientific Director, and Jairo Rojas, postdoctoral researcher in the Machine Learning team.


Deep Dive 4.0 is characterised by being practical, proactive and interactive. This allows them to see how different digital and sustainable technologies can contribute to the improvement of processes and products of companies, as it offers the opportunity to see the experts at work. It also allows the different experts from the BDIH nodes to share their needs.


The 2021 conference will be completed with 4 sessions on November 10th, 16th, 23rd and 25th, and each one will focus on different aspects of the BDIH and will take place in different locations of members centres. The first session will focus on the Cyber-Range, which will be held at Tecnalia and will include a visit to the Basque Cybersecurity Center (BSCS). The second session will focus on Secure Industry 4.0 with Vicomthec. The third session will take place at the headquarters of Ikerlan, where the Cybersecurity Evaluation Laboratory for industrial components will be visited. Finally, session four, which will take place at Tecnalia, will work within the Cybersecurity node, energy, automotive, blockchain and HPC.


About the BDIH


The BDIH is a connected network of assets and services supporting companies towards a sustainable digital transformation, organised into 6 technological nodes – flexible and collaborative robotics, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, advanced materials, smart and connected machines and data driven solutions – created within the framework of the Basque Industry 4.0 strategy. It is made up of 21 RVCTI agents and has more than 100 assets (equipment, laboratories, pilot plants) available to Basque SMEs for training, research, testing and validation of digital and sustainable production technologies.