BCAM starts its new mentoring programme

    • The aim of the programme is to help PhD students to grow on a personal and professional level


The Basque Center for Applied Mathematics – BCAM has started a new mentoring programme for PhD students. The aim of this initiative is to achieve a programme that responds to the needs of the environment by helping to improve both personal and professional skills.

Mentoring consists of a relationship between an experienced researcher and a younger researcher, with the aim of helping the latter to grow, learn and develop personally and professionally. BCAM has been aware that research work involves a high level of stress and exhaustion, especially in younger people, and that is why this initiative seeks to improve the well-being of the centre’s researchers. To this end, the most experienced research staff will be in charge of advising the centre’s students who are studying for their doctorate.

The programme, which starts this October and last for the duration of the academic year, will consist of regular sessions, about 8 in total, lasting one hour. Each student has been paired with a mentor, who will guide them through the process with the help they require.

The mentoring programme falls within the HRS4R framework as part of the center’s strategy. Since 2016, when BCAM was awarded with “HR Excellence in Research”, the center has been working on its principles and maintains its commitment to the Charter and Code and HRS4R. Specifically, the mentoring program has been designed under the principles of career development and supervisory and managerial duties.