The Lehendakari receives heads of the BCAM, BCBL and BC3 Basic Research and Excellence Centres

Source: Irekia

The meeting was held on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the three BERC centres

Accompanied by the Councillor Jokin Bildarratz, the Lehendakari this morning received the heads of BCAM, BCBL and BC3 Basic Research and Excellence Centres, which make up the BERC (Basque Excellence Research Center) network of the Department of Education, on the occasion of their 15th Anniversary.

They highlighted the excellence of the research centres and the work they carry out for society. On the other hand, BCAM wanted to highlight their work during the pandemic.

Basque Center for Applied Mathematics – BCAM carries out its research work in the field of Applied Mathematics. It currently has a staff of more than 150 researchers of 25 nationalities. It has been accredited three consecutive times as a “Severo Ochoa” centre of excellence by the State Research Agency, a distinction awarded to the best research institutions in the world in their field.

Basque Centre for Climate Change – BC3 began its activity in 2008 and currently has more than 100 employees, including research and technical staff. Its aim is to promote the co-production of knowledge relevant to decision-making, integrating the environmental, socio-economic and ethical dimensions of climate change.

Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language – BCBL is an international interdisciplinary research centre for the study of cognition, brain and language. It currently has more than 100 researchers working in 12 research groups.